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Diomone Operation Center is a large modern company integrating brand marketing planning, operation, product research and development, design, production, sales and after-sales service, import and export trade. The company is committed to the construction and promotion of brand culture. Dedicated to making leather goods brands. The company's integration of all resources from raw material procurement, product manufacturing, logistics operations, news media promotion, advertising marketing, online promotion to domestic and foreign knowledge --- holding cooperation, is to lay the success of each franchise partner Solid foundation. Since entering the Chinese market, Diomone has first launched a three-dimensional crossover business model in the leather goods industry, including shoe stores, luggage stores, shoe and bag integration stores, and electronics stores. Franchisees can choose the appropriate store operation model based on local market demand. At the same time, it can be based on existing resources, cooperate with the upgrade of the headquarters, and extend to other operating models to achieve a comprehensive increase in profit points and influence, cross-impact, and quickly occupy the commanding heights of the local leather brand market. Today, the "diougens" brand chain stores have been located in major cities across the country. With the continuous development of the brand, a new round of leather goods storms will surely start on the Chinese land. ... [ View Details ]

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Diomone Tel: 020-38911311 Contact: Manager Chen Address: Room 4503, CITIC Plaza, 233 Tianhe North Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
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